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Gold WhatsApp Download v36.25 (MAY 2024) Latest Version Updated

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App NameGold WhatsApp
Version36.25 (Official Version)
Android Requirement4.1+
Updated On2 Hours Ago

Gold WhatsApp is Best Tool Developed to Enhance your WhatsApp Experience and Enrich with full customization Features. Download Gold WhatsApp App from the Gold WhatsApp Official Site – GoldWA.Dev for a seamless and personalized messaging experience.

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Gold WhatsApp APK

Gold WhatsApp is the leader of WhatsApp Mods with over 10 Million+ downloads our app is getting famous among people. This app gives you many extra features, which are not available in any other version. WhatsApp Gold APK allows you to have more customization, Privacy, Settings, and more. Gold WhatsApp has more security and safety options, on top of that you can freely download the WhatsApp Gold APK from There are thousands of options to help you get your work done easily. So what are you waiting for, Download WhatsApp Gold APK Now..!

Hello Everyone, Are you still using the same WhatsApp? Do you want to be upskilled and productive?, Do you want to know about Gold WhatsApp Apk? If yes then this article will be very helpful to you. You are on the official website of WhatsApp gold from We will be sharing all the detailed information about Gold WhatsApp Apk along with its downloading and Installation guide. If you don’t know anything about Gold WhatsApp, then also just be with us in this article we will clear all of your doubts. Also don’t skip any part of it, or it will get difficult to understand.

About Gold WhatsApp

Whats is Gold WhatApp

People consider Gold WhatsApp like an ordinary WhatsApp MOD, but it’s not true! WhatsApp Gold is an extraordinary app having amazing features and customization options. This app provides you with insane features, there is no other app having that amazing features available. This is because people are rapidly started using Gold WhatsApp. Some other quick features of this app are freely available and supported. You will get all the latest updates of Gold WhatsApp directly on

Short Summary About WhatsApp Apk

Before moving ahead it’s important to have a basic understanding of WhatsApp apk. So WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media apps used for chatting and communication. This app allows you to connect to other people digitally. There are many other advantages, like instant chatting, calling, Status, and many more. The simple UI helps the new user understand WhatsApp easily. In this article, we will be going to share an advanced version of this WhatsApp, which allows you to get the ultimate user experience.

Is It Safe To Use Gold WhatsApp Apk?

This is the most asked question to us, people don’t trust third-party apps and it’s good to have some security before downloading it. In these cases, Gold WhatsApp is being distributed from many third-party sources and this tends to spread fake apps many times. Because of this, we have shared an official website to download and get all information related to Gold WhatsApp in one place. It will be safe to use Gold WhatsApp if you have downloaded it from our official website, many fake sites can harm your device. So please download it from here only, it’s free and secure.

GoldWA.Dev Overview _ Gold WhatsApp

How To Download Gold WhatsApp APK For Free?

Gold WhatsApp Featured Img

Are you struggling to download WhatsApp gold apk? then here is the best solution for you. We have shared a direct download link of gold WhatsApp in this article. You can get this app from the official website of directly. On top of that, you will get many premium features straightforward in this app. We have also shared all the details about the WhatsApp gold apk. So read this article and get more used to WA gold apk.

App NameGold WhatsApp
Version36.25 (Official Version)
Android Requirement4.1+
File TypeAPK File
LicenseFully Unlocked
Total Downloads29,56,866+
Updated On2 Hours Ago

Latest Version : V36.25 | Updated On – MAY 2024 | Official Website –

Fabulous Features OF Gold WhatsApp Apk

Gold is filled with thousands of amazing features and advantages, this app is the ultimate version of WhatsApp. For proper utilization of WhatsApp Gold APK, we have shared all the amazing features and explained them in simple language. So just read all the features and get benefits now.

List Of All Available Features In Gold WhatsApp Apk

  1. Use Multiple Accounts
  2. Setup Auto Reply
  3. Amazing Animation & Feel
  4. Go Offline In Once Click
  5. schedule a message
  6. Special Groups & Community Tab
  7. Mass Message Sending
  8. Message A Number Directly
  9. Special Privacy Options
  10. Disable Forwarded Tag
  11. Choose Who Can Call You
  12. Anti View Once Messaging
  13. More Powerful App Lock
  14. Special Gold WA Theme Store
  15. Customise Colour Options

Use Multiple Accounts

add accounts Multiple

If you know about WhatsApp, then you could also know that it only allows you to use one account in it. Also, there is no option to switch accounts like Facebook and Instagram. But for our users, we have added this feature. Now in WhatsApp Gold Apk, you can easily use multiple accounts. We have also added a feature to switch between these accounts easily.

Setup Auto Reply

Do you want to reply to the message automatically? then this feature is for you. In we have shared the WhatsApp gold apk with you. This app allows you to set up an auto-reply and give replies to anyone easily. You can set up the input message along with its reply, so whenever the message is sent your reply will be sent. This feature is very helpful, you must try it once.

Amazing Animation & Feel

GoldWa.Dev Amazing Animation & Feel

WhatsApp gold is not the same as ordinary WhatsApp. Because in Gold WhatsApp we have added more animations and feels, so you will love it while using it. You will like the new flip animation feel, also these things are customizable. There are many other features that you can easily change and customize. Just go to the gold wa settings panel and explore the customizations settings out there.

Go Offline In Once Click

Do you wait much time on WhatsApp? Do you switch data off only for going offline, then this feature is for you. In a gold apk, you will get special offline mode, so you can go offline without turning your data off. There are also Do Not Distrib features to restrict the message. These features can be very helpful for you, using them you can focus on other important things.

Go Offline In Once Click

Schedule A Message

Schedule A Message

Now sending messages are more convenient, you can send messages at specific times, with the Schedule messaging features of WhatsApp Gold APK. This feature helps you send a message at your selected time, now there is no need to keep waiting for hours to send a message. Just schedule it using Gold WhatsApp and you are done. This is a very premium feature, and available in Gold WhatsApp APK for free.

group Special Groups & Community Tabs

Managing your chats, especially groups, and communities is now more convenient using gold WhatsApp’s new features. This feature has added 2 new tabs for groups and communities so you can get daily updates on these things without messing up with the chats section. Using these special tabs you can save time and energy.

Special Groups & Community Tabs - Gold WhatsApp

Mass Message Sending

Mass Message Sending

Do you send messages to limited contacts only, then you should try the mass message-sending features of Gold WhatsApp. This feature is very helpful for sending bulk messages to your contacts, there is no need to manually go and waste your time in sending messages. Just type in your message with your selected contacts and boom your message will be delivered. Please use this feature for good use, if you used it for spamming then it could result in banning your accounts.

phone Message A Number Directly

If you have already used WhatsApp then you could know that WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to send messages to anyone without saving their contact. But many times we don’t want to save temporary contact. Because now using Gold WhatsApp you can easily message numbers. In the settings tab, we have added a feature to message a number without saving it on your device.

Message A Number Directly

Special Privacy Options

Special Privacy Options

In this online era, it’s very important to have privacy. WhatsApp could misuse your data but now using WhatsApp gold you can make it more secure and safe. This version has many features to increase your privacy. You can select contacts who can call you, hide your last seen, hide activity settings, and more. Using the WhatsApp Gold you can do ultimate, so what are you waiting for start using the WhatsApp gold APK now.

forward Disable Forwarded Tag

Do you know if you send a message to 2 or more contacts WhatsApp will show it with a “Forwarded tag”? Now because of these tags, your message will look fake or spam. To solve this problem we have added a feature to disable the forwarded tag. You can easily disable these tags using WA gold, just go Gold WhatsApp settings panel and search for privacy and policy settings. In this, you will get an option to disable the Forwarded tag, just turn it on.

Disable Forwarded Tag

call [#eef31c] Created with Sketch. Choose Who Can Call You

Choose Who Can Call You

Do you know how scammers scam you on WhatsApp using WhatsApp calls? Because to increase your safety we have added very amazing features. Using this feature you can choose who can call you and who can’t. This way you can ensure more safety and block people you don’t want to call you. Moreover, this feature also has some custom messages to show callers, so they will never know you blocked them.

Anti View Once Messaging

If you are known to a new feature of view once. In this feature, you can send a one-time message, and after seeing it once it will get deleted permanently. But after getting its cons we have added an anti-view once feature to protect our user’s privacy. With this feature, you can easily watch and view messages as many times as you want. There will be no restrictions and nothing, just start using the Gold WhatsApp APK now.

Anti View Once Messaging

More Powerful App Lock

More Powerful App Lock

Do you use an external app lock to secure your WhatsApp chats? then you could face many errors. Because these apps don’t work properly, which we have added a build app lock for you. This lock is very powerful and responsive, you can easily secure your WhatsApp account using this app lock.

Special Gold WA Theme Store

WA mods are mainly used for their amazing features and themes because, in the Gold WhatsApp Apk, you will get more attractive theme options. These themes are different from the usual MOD versions. You can easily choose any attractive theme of your choice. We have shared all themes for free, so you will never need to spend a single penny on anything. Just download WhatsApp Gold Apk on your device and start enjoying it.

Special Gold WA Theme Store

Customize Color Options

Customize Color Options

WhatsApp gold has thousands of customization options, you can easily customize its themes, fonts, sections, and colors. You can justify all the color options in each section. Gold WhatsApp is made to give you the ultimate user experience. There are conversion screen settings, universal settings, and many more. Just open the WhatsApp Gold settings panel and scroll to color options as per your choice.

Top Pros & Cons Of Gold WhatsApp Apk

As with everything Gold WhatsApp also has some Pros and cons. Before going to use the app, it’s good to know about it. There are many pros and cons available, but we will be only sharing the top of them. So be with us in this article and don’t skip any part of it.

  1. Thousands Of Customization’s: When it comes to customizations WhatsApp Gold beats all. This app offers a fully customizable interface,
  2. Ultimate WA Mod: There are many WhatsApp mods, but with the WhatsApp Gold APK you will get all the ultimate features and customizations in one place.
  3. More Safe & Secure: Gold WhatsApp gives you more features and safety options because it’s safer and more secure than the ordinary version. i.e, blue tick settings, app lock, chat lock, and more.
  4. Experience amazing features: WhatsApp Gold features look endless, and this app has the most amazing features you can ever use. There are also many unique features that you can avail of for free.
  1. Unofficial: WhatsApp Gold is not an official version of WhatsApp, you can use it safely. But it’s like a modified version of WhatsApp.
  2. Many fake sites: Gold WhatsApp is not available on the Play Store, and because of this people start downloading it from fake sites. Please avoid this and download Gold WhatsApp Apk from the official
  3. Late Updates: being a MOD version you can get security checkups 1 to 2 days late. You can easily get the fastest update available on directly.

How To Download Gold WhatsApp APK In PC?

Do you want to use Gold WhatsApp APK on your PC, is yes then you are in the right place. We have to build to work upon all the OS because to make it compile to windows and make you will just need to follow some quick features. So complete them and you can start enjoying Gold WhatsApp APK…

  1. First of all you will need to download WhatsApp Gold Apk on your PC.
  2. After this go to Google and search for an Android emulator for (your OS name) PC. Now Download any one of the best emulators available there.
  3. After completing downloading install the emulator on your PC.
  4. Then open the android emulator and install WhatsApp Gold APK in it.
  5. That’s it now you can simply launch the Gold WhatsApp APK and enjoy it for free.
Installation Guide for Gold WhatsApp

Install Gold WhatsApp Apk – Step-By-Step Process

Installation of Gold WhatsApp is very easy, there is no need to have any technical knowledge. For all our valuable users, we have shared step by step installation guide. Just follow each step and do as directed. If you face any difficulty or problem please share it with us in the comment section, and our experts will reach out to you.

Step 1. First of all, you will need to download the Gold WhatsApp APK on your device, so go to Goldwa. dev and download the app.

Step 2. After this go to your file manager and search for Gold WhatsApp APK we just downloaded, and click on it.

Step 3. If you are Installing APKs for the first time then you will see a new window asking permission for “Unknown Sources” so enable it. If you have already done these steps before then skip this step.

Step 4. After this click on the install button and wait while the installation process is going on.

Step 5. Once you are done with the installation of the Gold WhatsApp APK then just open it and start enjoying it.

How To Restore Chats In WhatsApp Gold APK?

The biggest question we get about WhatsApp Gold APK is that they are confused to restore chats in the WhatsApp Gold. But doing it is very easy, you can do it in very simple steps. Just follow the guide we shared with you below and follow it.

  1. First of all go to your WhatsApp settings and back up the chat data in your Google drive.
  2. After this go to and download Gold WhatsApp APK from its official website.
  3. Once you have downloaded WhatsApp Gold APK, then install it on your device. You can take reference of our installation guide.
  4. Then do the Installation part, while doing it Gold WhatsApp will ask you for backup restoration. So select the restore option and your g-drive account.
  5. Once your chat restore is done, you can enjoy using the WhatsApp Gold APK on your device.

Useful Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the official website to download WhatsApp Gold Apk?
If you are searching for an official version of the Gold WhatsApp Apk, then is the official website to download this app for free. You can download this app with all the Safety and security features.
What is Gold WhatsApp Apk about?
WhatsApp Gold is the ultimate MOD version of WhatsApp. This app has many added features and customization options to Increase the user experience.
Which is the lowest android version required to install Gold WA Apk?
You will need android version 5.1 and more to install and use Gold WhatsApp on your android devices.
Do I need to root my device for using Gold WhatsApp?
No, WhatsApp Gold is the same as other APKs, it’s a safe app because you will never need any root access for it.
Is it safe to use WhatsApp Gold?
Yes, using Gold WhatsApp Apk is safe, but please download it from only. It’s the official website. If you download it from other websites it can be risky.

Final Conclusion

In this article, we have shared a detailed explanation of WhatsApp Gold APK. From this article you can clear all doubts about WhatsApp gold, also for new users we have shared an installation and downloading guide. This is the official website of the Gold WhatsApp, so you can freely download Gold WhatsApp in this article. Just click on the Download button and wait for some time. Please share this article with all your friends and family, so they also enjoy using the Gold WhatsApp APK. We will be back to you soon.