Download Gold WhatsApp v36.25 (OFFICIAL) Latest Version For Free

Gold WhatsApp
App NameGold WhatsApp
Version36.25 (Official Version)
Android Requirement4.1+
Updated On2 Hours Ago

Download WhatsApp Gold Latest Version (v36.25) For Free

Hello there, are you searching for the official download link for Gold WhatsApp APK? If yes then this article is for you. Gold WhatsApp has always been the first choice of WA MODs lovers, with its fabulous features and customizations we are happy to serve you with gold WhatsApp. No doubt our APK will give you a more amazing experience further because here we are available to share you with the official version of the Gold WhatsApp.

How to Download Latest Version Of WhatsApp Gold Apk

This is a very frequent question we get from our users because it’s important to specify it in brief. So if you are searching for the latest version of Gold WhatsApp Apk then there is only one official website for that ““. You will get all the features updates, news, and information about the Gold WhatsApp . So stay tuned with us.

Is It Free To Download Gold WhatsApp Apk In

Yes, Downloading Gold WhatsApp and its associated apps is free and safe. We take care of our users, and that’s why there is no ads or disturbance in the app. You will get an attractive clean UI with amazing animation and feel. The downloading process is also pretty simple, just scroll down to the download button and click on it, after this your download will be started automatically.

How To Restore My Chats In WhatsApp Gold APK?

Are you afraid of getting your chats deleted? We respect your data and know it’s important to you, and because of this we have added custom backup and restore settings to help you restore your chats in WhatsApp Gold . Also, non-wa MOD users have shared a second option in this method, so please read it carefully.

  • Step 1. First of all, open your WhatsApp app and click on the three dots in the top left corner.
  • Step 2. So if you are using ordinary WhatsApp click on the settings option, if you are using any WhatsApp MOD then click on its settings panel.
  • Step 3. Now for WhatsApp users click on the Chat option and then scroll down and click on the chat backup option.
  • Step 4. After this, you will need to select a Google Drive account to store the backup file.
  • Step 5. For WA mods users, search for backup and restore settings. It’s usually placed under the universal settings option.
  • Step 6. After This download and install Gold WhatsApp APK on your device.
  • Step 7. Now for previous WhatsApp users, you will get an option to restore chats while signing in.
  • Step 8. For WA MODs Users go to the WA Gold settings panel and click on backup and restore settings.
  • Step 9. After this click on the restore option and choose your backup file.
  • Step 10. After this your APK is ready with all your previous chats in it, Enjoy.

Is It Safe To Use/Install Gold WhatsApp Apk?

Yes, Installing and using Gold WhatsApp Apk is safe. All you need to ensure is, just download Gold WA Apk from its official website We have shared all download links after safety and security checkups, so you will never need to worry about anything else. If you find any problem while downloading/installing Gold WhatsApp Apk on your device. Then please share it with us in the comment section, and our experts will give the best solution available.

Download WhatsApp Gold Apk For Free

Downloading WhatsApp Gold Apk is very easy, with we have distributed the official version to our users. With the latest version and updates, this site will be a permanent option for all Gold WA lovers. Also, we have shared all Gold WA versions for free, you will never need to spend a single penny on anything. Just scroll down to the download button and click on it. After this install it on your device, So your App will start working without any interruptions.

Important FAQs To Know..!

What to do if the download Link is broken?
If you encounter any broken download link for Gold WhatsApp Apk then please share it with us. For that, you can comment below, and we will get it fixed ASAP..
Why does my Gold WhatsApp Apk is showing an 'Apk not installed' error?
This is a very rare error and only happens when the WA Gold Apk package file and an old WhatsApp file are getting conflict. So to resolve it please uninstall WhatsApp from your device and install Gold WhatsApp Apk again.
Which is the official platform to download WhatsApp Gold Apk?
If you want the official version of Gold WhatsApp Apk then is the only official website you can trust upon. This site will give you the best and latest version of Gold WhatsApp for free.
Which is the lowest android version required to install Gold WhatsApp Apk?
You will need android version 4.4 and more to install and use Gold WhatsApp Apk on your device. Also please have about 100MB of storage available on your device.

Final Conclusion

That’s it for now, please stay tuned with, in this website we will be sharing all important updates, news, and information about WhatsApp Gold . Also, we will share more associated Gold WA apps on this website for free. So it’s will be very useful for all our valuable users. This article was all about some FAQs and Gold WhatsApp and its downloading process. We have also shared a free download link for Gold WhatsApp . Please share this article with all your friends and family. We will be back soon.